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  • Developer: Hola VPN Ltd.
  • Genre: Virtual Private Network
  • Version: 1.186.873
User Rating: Rating 4.86

Hola VPN Protection for Free

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Hola VPN Ltd.
Hola VPN Ltd.
Virtual Private Network
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Hola Extension for Chrome & Firefox

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Hola VPN is an application that lets users connect to servers to protect their internet connection, unblock websites, and gain access to webpages that are restricted in their country. Hola VPN extensions is available on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. It’s also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, and Maxthon.

  • Service is available for Android and iOS devices. 
  • It is the world's fastest and most secure app. 
  • Service has much less latency and higher speeds than a standard app. It's Free and easy to use. 
  • It has a built-in adblocker and also blocks malware and phishing attempts. 
  • It’s available in 45 countries. 
  • Hola VPN free has a 5,000 servers. App Has a one click unblocker.


It is a simple and user-friendly interface. Application is easy to install and easy to use. It supports a variety of browsers, which makes Hola VPN Chrome extension a great all-around service. Hola free VPN proxy has both a free and a paid version. Free version is ad-supported and has a limited bandwidth. Paid version is ad-free and has unlimited bandwidth.


The first thing that you see when you start the Hola free VPN for Chrome application and It’s very easy to use. You can get the app by clicking on the icon that is placed on the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking the icon will bring you to the main page of the application. From there, you can select the country you want to connect to by clicking on the button that says "Select a country" at the top of the page.


It is a user-friendly app. It’s available for both desktop and mobile devices. Also It’s very easy to change the location of the free VPN to the country of your choice by clicking on the "Select a country" button or the country that you want to connect to.

However, this application is not a traditional Hola VPN for Firefox in the sense that it does not require any configuration or any initial setup. All that is needed is to download Hola VPN and it will automatically protect the user's device and internet connection.


Hola does, in fact, function as a service. It allows users to access websites that are restricted in their country and to unblock websites. It’s also compatible with a wide range of browsers.


Service has a 24/7 support team that is available to answer any questions that a user may have.


  • What is Hola VPN?
    It’s an app that lets you browse faster by providing you with an encrypted connection from your device to Hola’s servers.
  • How it work and how download Hola VPN for free?
    Hola lets you browse the web without borders by switching your traffic.
  • How does VPN software make money?
    Business model is to sell premium accounts for Hola's Luminati service.
  • What is the Hola Premium service?
    Premium service enables you to access geo-locked content from other countries.
  • How does free VPN service protect my privacy?
    Encrypts and anonymizes your traffic, making it impossible for anyone to see what you are doing online.


It is a free and ad-supported software that provides a quick and easy way to gain access to international content. It provides an unlimited bandwidth with no usage limits. Best VPN service is a free application for your desktop and mobile devices that offers access to blocked content on the internet. Application was designed to make it easy for you to surf the internet securely and anonymously.


  • Servers in over 50 countries, including China and Egypt;
  • Stable and fast connection;
  • Allows peer-to-peer sharing;
  • Available on Android and iPhone (iOS);
  • Easy to use.


  • No ad-blocker

Protect Your Online Data

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